My top tips for op shopping

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Without doubt the question I get asked most is ‘how did you find that?!!’

I started op shopping regularly over a year ago but have learnt so much since then. 

I LOVE the thrifting life and am more than happy to share what I’ve found out with others.

1. Persistence

This is the best tip I can offer you (promise). With op shopping the more you go the more you can find. I know it can be disheartening if you go out and can't find anything but the beauty of op shopping is that the stock is forever changing and you’ll never know what the next day will bring. Keep going and soon enough you'll find what you're after or maybe something even better! 

2. Focus

In my experience certain op shops are more likely to stock specific items compared to others. For example, my passion is decor pieces and I’ll openly admit I have no idea where is best to buy secondhand clothes. For that reason, I have a few op shops on my circuit that I completely skip as they’re clothes centric.

3. Create a circuit

Playing into point two, once you start op shopping you’ll get a good feel for where you’ve found pieces you’ve liked and places you haven’t. I have a circuit of op shops that I know stock pieces I love and I do the rounds regularly. Just make sure you leave some time before your next visit so stock can be replenished.

4. Search high & low

My favourite types of op shops are the ones that are un-curated, stacked high with goodies and have narrow walk ways. I'm not sure if this puts some customers off but I absolutely love digging in to see what I can find!

Which leads me to my next point, don’t just look in the obvious places. I am guilty of ignoring this tip all the time!! It’s very easy to find the areas in shops we know items will be placed. I can’t tell you however, how many times I’ve glanced over to somewhere I wouldn’t look and my heart skips a beat, as I spot the find of the day.

5. Giving back 

I'm an avid op shop donater. At least once to twice a month (sometimes more) I go through all our clothes, unused toys/household items etc and donate back to the stores I purchase from. I call it 'the circle of op shop life'! Just how we find treasures from what others discard so could your unwanted items be someone's find of the day.

I hope this helps and do feel free to share your finds with me as I love a good find!

Happy op shopping all x


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